(the) Autumn Electric : LIVE FEED TOUR will run from Feb 7th- March 22nd, (6 weeks) going from Seattle to San Diego, San Diego to Nashville TN and back again, hitting nearly every major city on the route (30 shows in 42 days).  We are centering our tour around our March 11th date in Austin TX, during the South By Southwest Festival.
       The LIVE FEED name is because of two things.  We are dedicating part of what we earn (gig revenue/merchandise) to a local food bank in every city we play, for their operating costs.  At the end of the tour we will see what we averaged per gig, and split the charity-dedicated money evenly between all of the food banks chosen.
       Part 2 of LIVE FEED, is that we will be making a short video clip each day (Live from the Show, on the road, impromptu acoustic songs at rest stops, talking to our hosts where we sleep).  This will be posted each day for our fans to follow, as well as compiled as a 30 minute documentary.
(the)Autumn Electric